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Thank you so much! My apartment was a mess until I called Spring Breeze. They were not just punctual and friendly, but also very professional and detail oriented. My kitchen and bathrooms are cleaner than ever and my living shines clean, I really appreciate what they did for my home since the very first cleaning
Alejandro: “I’m very happy with their outstanding job!”
I have used Spring Breeze Cleaning several times now and the quality of the clean each time has been excellent every time. I would definitely recommend them not only to my friends and relatives, but also to anyone looking for a reliable affordable cleaning service.
Samantha: “I can see myself on the shining floors”
I thought I was the only one able to make my house perfectly clean… Fortunately Spring Breeze proved me wrong; they do all the work following my directions, even if I'm not at home and now I can spend more time with my kids.
Andrea: “The feeling of a clean house is priceless”
The girls who clean our house are always professional and prompt, and their cleaning products leave our home smelling so fresh. Today's service left a great feeling all over the house.
Spencer: “My house always smell like flowers”

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