The Shoppingcart Unit is a portable sanitizing system designed to facilitate the fast, cheap and environmentally friendly way to clean of shopping carts, meat carts and hand baskets. This technology allows to clean up to 150 shopping carts per hour to save money and comply with environmental law at the same time. Afterwards, our nano-particles will keep cleaning your equipment long after treatment so cart sanitizing does not have to be a daily task.
  • Automated Conveyor – The conveyor system pulls over 150 carts per hour into the Shopping CartBreeze system and returns them after the sanitizing cycle dry.
  • Maximized Cleaning Pressure – 3000 PSI is produced at the multiple spray head locations to insure no debris remains on the carts after cycling through the CartBreeze .
  • High Temperature for Disinfecting – Temperatures starting at 210 Degrees Farenheit with constant temperatures of over 170 Degrees Farenheit at the spray nozzle is manitained through use of super-efficient burners.
  • Bacteriostatic Protection – The chemical injection system provides a bacteriostatic barrier proven to protect the carts from fungal, viral and bacterial growth for up to 60 days utilizing modern nano particle technology.
  • Super Filtration – The patented recycling system enables one charge to clean several thousand carts. Water is filtered and recycled reducing operating costs and totally eliminating environmental damage.
  • Additional Applications – CartBreeze is designed to accomodate meat carts, hand baskets, floor mats and a variety of other implements requiring regular, systematic hygiene