Residential Cleaning


A messy home can add to what might already be a stressful day, so why give yourself more work when you get home? We want to remove this added stress from your day, by providing you with top-rates. Whether you are moving out, planning a big party, or you simply do not want to deal with chores and hassle of house cleaning or even apartment cleaning. Spring Breeze Luxury Cleaning Services makes sure your house continues to feel like a home.

Commercial Cleaning


Spring Breeze Luxury Cleaning offers supreme commercial cleaning services for businesses, schools, hotels, medical facilities and other venues. We are proud of every space we clean.

Floor cleaning /waxing


Our cleaning experts are fully equipped with the ability to clean the entire facility with confidence and no risk of damaging the floors. Floor waxing is not really a difficult or complicated task once fully understanding the basics.

Carpet shampooing


Carpet cleaning is vital to maintaining the health of your family at home and employees at your office, and at Spring Breeze, we are more than prepared to take on this task for you. Steam cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning, or dry cleaning. Spring Breeze has the advanced equipment and expert staff to ensure the carpeting in your office maintains the look and health you expect.

Building Maintenance


Building Maintenance performs general repairs to facilities, by providing a sterilize workplace. For that reason, Spring Breeze provides the best building maintenance services in South Florida.

Janitorial Services

Spring Breeze provides comprehensive janitorial services to meet business owners’ needs. Our janitorial cleaning services offers complete cleaning and maintenance for corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, schools, and small businesses. We understand our client’s level of expectation.

Pressure Washing


We are highly experienced on pressure washing service. We know it is impossible to keep the exterior of your home completely spotless, so let us give your residential or commercial property the pressure clean it needs! We only use high quality equipment that will leave your home incredibly clean.

Window cleaning


Window cleaning can be a daunting task, but our professional crew provides fast and affordable window cleaning services of residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Trust the appearance of your home or business to the professionals at Spring Breeze and begin enjoying the sunlight and beautiful views through your crystal clear Windows.

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Shopping Cart Sanitization

The Shoppingcart Unit is a portable sanitizing system designed to facilitate the fast, cheap and environmentally friendly way to clean of shopping carts, meat carts and hand baskets. This technology allows to clean up to 150 shopping carts per hour to save money and comply with environmental law at the same time. Afterwards, our nano-particles will keep cleaning your equipment long after treatment so cart sanitizing does not have to be a daily task.

  • Automated Conveyor – The conveyor system pulls over 150 carts per hour into the Shopping CartBreeze system and returns them after the sanitizing cycle dry.
  • Maximized Cleaning Pressure – 3000 PSI is produced at the multiple spray head locations to insure no debris remains on the carts after cycling through the CartBreeze .
  • High Temperature for Disinfecting – Temperatures starting at 210 Degrees Farenheit with constant temperatures of over 170 Degrees Farenheit at the spray nozzle is manitained through use of super-efficient burners.
  • Bacteriostatic Protection – The chemical injection system provides a bacteriostatic barrier proven to protect the carts from fungal, viral and bacterial growth for up to 60 days utilizing modern nano particle technology.
  • Super Filtration – The patented recycling system enables one charge to clean several thousand carts. Water is filtered and recycled reducing operating costs and totally eliminating environmental damage.
  • Additional Applications – CartBreeze is designed to accomodate meat carts, hand baskets, floor mats and a variety of other implements requiring regular, systematic hygiene

Spring Breeze is pleased to present a comprehensive approach to maintenance services solutions. We provide contract services to many different clients from houses to buildings, as any commercial location as well. Our luxury cleaning services follow a plan designed specifically with our customers cleaning preferences in mind. We encourage communication between housekeepers and clients, to improve our cleaning service and make you feel more comfortable.

Home cleaning Packages


  • Bedroomsup to 2 for standard service
  • Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Floors mopped and/or vacuumedPlease indicate prior to service
  • Dust, trash and other


  • Hotels, Offices and more
  • Building Maintenance
  • Shopping Cart sanitizationExclusive service
  • Events


  • Floor Care(Shampooing & Polishing)
  • Pressure cleanerKitchen
  • Remodelingand General Services
  • Mold Remover